Artist's Statement

We are made up of the same stuff as the rest of the universe. Yet we are also imbued with consciousness, which lends us the ability to imagine ourselves as separate. This is as much an illusion as painting is. Conceptually, my work is an exploration of the objecthood of painting and also a metaphysical inquiry. Paintings have always served as portals or windows into another world, whether it be a tangible, earthly world, such as that depicted in a landscape, or an emotional, interior one. In abstract painting the subject becomes a materialization of intangibles, and as such the work can come into the world as here/not here-- just as we are here/not here; simultaneously hunks of meat and anthropomorphized collections of infinite and unfathomable forces and particles. These paintings are like psychic landscapes or inhabitants of landscapes, evoking the intangible-- nodding to atoms, subatomic particles, other dimensions, other worlds. Formally my work is colorful, playful and impulsive. A lexicon of different marks and strategies of articulating space are interwoven to manifest objects that I hope prompt contemplation, while simultaneously poking fun at themselves by revealing the mechanics of their making in a manner that is less than graceful. For me these objects are as ridiculous as they are uncanny, their wonkiness a tribute to the uncertainty of knowing anything real about our physical universe. For me, the world is a place where intangibles and things that we cannot see are just as real as those that we can. I seek to enter the space where the two meet and invite others there.